Manta5 Foil Bikes are In Stock at SpadaWorks!

Experience a new level of cycling! Explore like never before. On calm or rough water you have a smooth ride on an amphibious e-bike.

The Manta5 Experience

Manta5 Foil Bikes are a great fit for anyone who loves getting out on the water. Since these are e-bikes, you can choose to push your physical limits, or turn up the assist and go for an effortlessly smooth ride across your favourite lake.

Manta5 hydrofoil bike at beach

Impeccable Engineering

Manta5 foil bikes are designed and built in New Zealand. The Manta5 team has spared now effort in designing a luxurious look and feel for these unique machines. Drop by SpadaWorks to take a look at one in person. We have a demo unit on the floor.